Driving Law

Did you get an excessive speeding ticket? Perhaps you have been served with a Notice of Intent to Prohibit by the Superintendent of Motor Vehicles? Many British Columbians make the fatal mistake of paying their violation tickets or trying to dispute them on their own without first obtaining legal advice. Unfortunately, this tends to be a “penny wise, pound foolish” phenomenon: although some people are able to resolve these issues on their own, many more find that saving a few hundred dollars on a traffic court hearing by representing themselves can lead to a conviction followed by a hefty insurance premium hike and a lengthy driving ban. Thankfully, the ATAC Law Corporation has your back in these situations.

Here at the offices of the Administrative Tribunal Advocates of Canada, we can help you deal with your driving case and get you back on the road as fast as possible. Our experienced partners will represent you in both traffic court trials as well as traffic court appeals before the Supreme Court of British Columbia (Appeal Division). When you are facing a driving prohibition, we will advocate on your behalf before RoadSafetyBC and the Insurance Corporation of British Columbia. Our rates are very competitive when compared to other law firms practising in this area of law and we are always taking on new driving cases.



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