Business Lawyers

We have experience in a range of business law matters from commercial transactions to venture capital.

We have built businesses and understand not just the legal issues that can commonly arise, but also the nature and requirements of the business itself. We are able to be partners in your business, not just legal advisors.


Incorporating Your Company

One of the most common services we provide our business clients is the incorporation of their business. Incorporating your business has a number of distinct advantages including:

  • Protecting your personal assets
  • Tax reduction and tax deferral
  • Providing a structure through which to grow your business and gain investment

It is important to incorporate your business correctly from the start. If there are errors or mistakes made at the beginning, they can prove disastrous later on. This is why most people hire a lawyer to incorporate their company.

For a simple incorporation, we charge a flat fee including all government filing fees.


Commercial Transactions

Commercial transactions are activities involving the purchase, sale or transfer of some kind of business asset. We can help your business accomplish any of the vast range of business activities in a safe and secure manner. You can be confident that your interests are protected when we are involved. Some of the typical commercial business activities we can provide advice on include:

  • Drafting and reviewing commercial contracts
  • Confidentiality agreements
  • Consignment agreements
  • Sale of goods agreements
  • Services agreements
  • Software as a service (SaaS) agreements
  • Intellectual property agreements such as licensing agreements
  • Buying a business
  • Selling your business
  • Distribution agreements
  • Letters of credit
  • Manufacturing and Supply Agreements
  • Professional Services Agreements
  • Sales Representative Agreements
  • Social media policies
  • Software acquisition agreements and more

Where a dispute arises in respect of any of these agreements, we can also provide dispute resolution services to resolve the dispute including negotiation, mediation and if necessary, commercial litigation.



Corporate matters involve actions related to the structure of the corporation or its directors. We can advise you and your business on a range of corporate matters from startup and incorporation all the way to dissolution and wind up of your company. Some of the services we can provide include:

  • Incorporation
  • Corporate governance
  • Partnership agreements
  • Advice on conflicts of interest
  • Codes of conduct and advice on whistleblowing policies
  • Advice on fiduciary duties of directors
  • Shareholder agreements
  • Board committees and board structure
  • Disclosure obligations
  • Corporate transactions such as take over bids
  • Shareholder disputes
  • Joint ventures
  • Securities issues
  • Venture financing

If you or your company have any issues or questions related to any of the matters above, contact one of ATAC Law’s lawyers today.



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