Commercial Vehicle Safety and Enforcement Branch

The Commercial Vehicle Safety Enforcement Branch of the Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure (“CVSE”) is a provincial law enforcement agency that enforces the portions of the Motor Vehicle Act Regulations related to vehicle inspection and maintenance, the Commercial Transport Act, the Passenger Transportation Act, the National Safety Code, as well as laws related to the transportation of dangerous goods in British Columbia. It licenses vehicle inspection centres, provides policing services on highways aimed at heavy commercial vehicles, and conducts undercover investigations.

If you own an inspection centre, are a commercial vehicle driver, or are interested in starting your own trucking business in British Columbia, you will likely end up dealing with the CVSE on a regular basis. Non-compliance with CVSE orders or violations issued by the CVSE can result in heavy penalties, including the loss of valuable permits, thousands of dollars in fines and increased insurance costs, and the potential loss of your business.

If you would like advice regarding commercial vehicle law in British Columbia or have an upcoming violation ticket hearing involving the CVSE, the Administrative Tribunal Advocates of Canada are here to help. Dan H. Griffith, one of our founding partners, has successfully defended multiple Motor Vehicle Act cases involving commercial drivers. Our business expert and other founding partner, Mike C. Stewart, P. Eng, can help with structuring your business to avoid compliance problems with the CVSE as well as generally maximize your business opportunities. Call ATAC LAW Corporation today.



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